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Glass Splashbacks

Aesthetically stunning and easy to maintain, Glass Splashbacks from Gold Coast Shower Screens add that wow factor to any kitchen. We offer Back painted, Printed and mirrored options to achieve your dream kitchen

Glass Splashback Gallery

Please take some time to view our Glass Splashback projects

Painted Glass Splashback

With thousands of possible colour combinations available, a painted glass splashback offers a fantastic opportunity to bring a splash of colour to your kitchen or bathroom. These attractive accent splashbacks are custom made to fit the exact contours of your space with any power-point or custom cut-outs in place. Painted glass splashbacks are extremely long-lasting and easy to maintain. If required we can add a protective coating over the glass, making it a breeze to clean.

Mirrored Glass

Mirrored glass splashbacks offer a chromatic finish to your area and are as sturdy as they are modern in appearance. Perfect for contemporary or minimalistic interior designs in the kitchen or bathroom, mirrored glass splashbacks can instantly transform and uplift the space they’re in. Like our other splashbacks, each of our mirrored glass products is custom cut to your specifications. Power-point and additional cut-outs are already cut into the splashback before installation. 

Printed Glass

If you’re looking for a splashback that is unique to you and your taste in home decor, printed glass splashbacks are undoubtedly the way to go. We have an extensive selection of printed glass splashbacks on offer, with any custom design printed onto the glass using a high-resolution printer. We will also cut your printed glass splashback to your exact specifications, as well as remove power-point cut-outs and complete any other custom cut-out detailing you may need.

Bronze Mirrors

Bronze mirrors provide a striking feature that’s a great addition to a modern kitchen. If you are considering glass splash backs, we can supply a range of different finishes including Bronze Mirrors. Each panel will be custom cut to the exact dimensions of your kitchen to ensure the perfect fit.

Advantages Of Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks offer several advantages for homeowners, including: 


The smooth surface of glass splashbacks means it’s very easy to clean off any grease or grime residue that appears on them. Glass is also impervious to water and bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about these causing hygiene problems. Just simply wipe away any stains with a cloth and your glass splashback will look as good as new. 

Easy to install

When it comes to installing glass splashbacks, our team can get the job done in no time. This is because glass splashbacks are easy to install when compared to other alternatives, such as tile splashbacks. The shorter installation time means that less disruption is made to your working day.


On the surface, glass splashbacks are usually more expensive than alternatives. However, glass is more durable than other materials – meaning your splashback will have a longer lifespan and fewer maintenance problems down the line. By contrast, tile splashbacks usually need to be re-tiled and re-grouted regularly to maintain their aesthetic appeal. This makes them a more expensive investment in the long run. 

Why Choose Gold Coast Shower Screens?

Gold Coast Shower Screens is committed to offering high-quality products, which is a testament to our aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our services are quick and efficient and we always do our best to work around your schedule.

You should choose Gold Coast Shower Screens because:

  • We’re a locally owned business
  • We operate a reliable and trustworthy business
  • We offer customisable options
  • We manufacture and install items in-house
  • We offer bespoke services

For glass splashbacks Gold Coast, call us today.

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