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Frameless Shower Screens

Gold Coast Shower Screens are leading suppliers of frameless shower screens in Australia. We supply a wide range of screens to complement any bathroom style, with each screen custom made to your exact specification.

Frameless Shower Screen Gallery

Please take some time to view our Frameless Shower Screen projects

Front & Return

Front and Return screens are the most common style of shower screens in that they have a front door and a return panel to create a 90 degree shower screen. At Gold Coast Shower Screens we have made thousands in every style so you can be sure we can deliver you exactly what you require for your dream bathroom.

Door & Front

Minimalist in design, frameless hinged shower screens help to create the illusion of more space in a bathroom. The enclosure is custom-made to size and is constructed using 10mm-thick toughened glass to withstand knocks and bumps.

The shower screen is fixed with a hinged panel using your choice of quality fittings to ensure a seamless and secure finish.

Frameless Sliding

Frameless sliding shower doors are set to be the next big thing in bathroom design. The frameless slider style features a minimal amount of framing and fittings, resulting in a highly streamlined appearance.

At Gold Coast Shower Screens, we stock a variety of sliding frameless shower doors and fittings from a number of leading brands.

Fixed Panel Shower Screens

Our fully framed sliding shower screen is great for small openings that require two doors in order to have the largest possible entry space. This can be either a wall-to-wall configuration, or a two-sided configuration.

Custom Shower Screens Designs

All of our items are produced to order and installed according to the specifications and needs of the customer. Some of the most requested setups are as follows:

  • Partition screen (for dividing a room)
  • Wall sliders (go from one wall to the other)
  • Front and return hob sliders (for over the bath)
  • Screen with an angled corner
  • Wall pivot
  • Screen and return (hob version) for use over the bath
  • Pivot screen only
  • Shower screen with both a pivoting option and a return option

Hardware Colour Options

We have a wide selection of colour options for our frameless shower hardware which enables customers to find an option that fits exactly with their chosen bathroom palette and interior design theme. The colours we offer include:


Matte Black

Gun Metal


Brushed Gold


Why Choose Us For Your Frameless Shower Screen Installation? 

As locally-owned and operated Gold Coast business, we’ve become one of the leading shower screen specialists in the region. With a dedication to high standards of workmanship and quality, reliable and trustworthy service, customers can count on us for excellence when it comes to designing and installing your frameless shower screens.

All our frameless shower screens are custom made to suit your bathroom space and we always aim for fast, convenient installation times. Request a quote online  or call us on 1300 199 480.

Benefits Of Frameless Shower Screens

As part of the drive to modernise their bathroom, many homeowners are opting for a sleek frameless shower screen in place of a traditional curtain or fully framed shower. Once you realise the benefits of frameless screens, you’ll see why.
Fully customisable

Traditional shower screens come in standard sizes to keep costs down. But because we completely custom make every single frameless shower screen, we can make them to any size or specification.

This gives you the freedom to create a bathroom tailored to your needs. You can install a large feature wall or combine them with matching mirrors and splashbacks to create a bespoke solution.

Low maintenance

Frameless screens are much easier to maintain than framed or semi-frameless shower screens. A quick wipe down after use is all that’s required to keep them looking clean and spotless.

Allows natural light in

Conventional shower screens block out the light, which can make smaller bathrooms feel claustrophobic. Frameless screens, in contrast, allow plenty of natural light to flood into the room.

This gives you greater freedom about where to place the screen to maximise the effect. You could place them in front of windows, use them to separate areas or turn them into an architectural feature.


Most people would agree that a simple, elegant frameless screen is much more attractive than a conventional frame or curtain. Frameless screens add a real wow factor to a bathroom, making it feel elegant and luxurious.

Frameless screens also allow you to enhance the space further using feature lighting. A range of LED lighting is available today to help you achieve this effect easily.

Frameless Shower Screen Design

The adaptability of frameless screens can often make it difficult to visualise how best to use them. So here are a few design ideas to give you some inspiration.
Separate the space

Frameless screens are ideal for creating individual areas within the bathroom without making it feel claustrophobic. Options include using them to create a separate wet room within a bathroom or enclosing a bath or toilet.

Create an architectural feature
One of the most effective ways of using frameless screens is to turn them into an architectural feature. Glass panels don’t have to be clear; they can be any colour or pattern you want, making them ideal for creating a focal point.
Open up space
The minimalist nature of frameless screens makes them perfect for opening up small bathrooms. And because frameless screens don’t block out the light, they give you more freedom to place the bath and toilet, allowing you to make better use of the space.

Visit Our Showroom

When you’re working on your home’s interior design, you’ll know how important it is to see every detail in person.

We serve both the residential and commercial markets and have a solution for all of our customers. This is why we encourage all our customers to pay a visit to our Coombabah Showroom, so you can take a closer look at our product selection and choose the right items for your needs.