The Best Tile Designs To Consider For A Modern Bathroom

Tiles play such an integral role in bathrooms that it’s almost impossible to think of a modern design that doesn't feature some form of tile surface. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best tile designs for you to consider in your new bathroom. Have a look through and see if any of these ideas really does it for you. We’ll start with:

Multi-formation tiles

Getting bored of things looking too uniform throughout the room? Mix things up with layers of tiles in a variety of shapes, sizes and layouts. The impact is more effective if the shade of the most of the tiles is darker than the grouting, so it's easy for your eye to catch the range of shapes on show.

At Gold Coast, we work around all types of tile designs when installing our range of shower screens. One of the best advantages of using mixed tiles is being able to mix and match different sets. Have some tiles left over from past projects, or plan on sourcing your new tiles from more affordable second-hand sellers? With this concept, you have the freedom to use whatever sets you think combine well together.

Floor and side tiles

If you absolutely love the look of a wide spread of tiles, why not throw them across the floor as well as the sides. Some people will prefer the wall tiles to be a slightly different colour to the floor tiles just like the image above. This difference between the surfaces makes the edges of the room appear sharper. If you used the same tiles all over, the sides of the room would seem less sharp which can tend to make the space feel a bit smaller than it actually is.

Long rectangles

Normal square tiles are not exactly out of fashion, but they’re certainly nothing new, especially if you’ve had square tiles in your bathroom for years. Give your tiled area a new look by using extended rectangle tiles instead. As you can see in the above example, the design works perfectly with this very simplistic shower screen and wooden floor aesthetic. They’re just as easy to install as any square tile, but give your room a longer look that is definitely less old school.

Tiles in direct contrast to the colour of your grout  

As you can see in the image above, you usually have two options. Use a dark grouting and combine it with light tiles. Or use white grouting with dark tiles. The effect is a very clear outline pattern surrounding every tile. You’ll love this design if you really appreciate strong and striking visuals. The direct contrast will typically possess quite a masculine feel in comparison to softer aesthetics.

Some people love borders and some people prefer minimalism. That’s exactly why we offer both framed and fully frameless options in our shower screen range. With the example above, a fully frameless screen would perhaps be best to allow the character of the tiles to come through as clearly as possible. Have too many borders all over the room and you’ll create a more cluttered and messy feel.



Those are our picks! We hope this quick list of bathroom tile ideas has helped start the creative juices flowing for you! Just remember that the design you select will be the one you’re likely to settle with for years into the future. Putting up a new set of tiles yourself is no easy feat, so it’s always best to pick something you know you’ll love in the long run!    

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