5 Wardrobe Door Designs That Will Suit Almost Any Room

One of the hardest parts of picking the right wardrobe is landing on a set of front doors that you’re sure will suit your bedroom no matter what other changes you make in future. The last thing you want is to have to work on the wardrobe all over again the next time you decide the room needs a change of colour!

In this quick post, Gold Coast are going to point out 5 wardrobe door designs that’ll stay versatile for years to come. Stick to these safe bad boys and you’ll be all set. Here’s the list:



  1. Floor-to-ceiling pine finish

A light wooden finish will match almost any interior design and brings a fresh tone to any well-lit space. Go floor-to-ceiling and you hide the edges of the doors as neatly as possible. Floor-to-ceiling also gives the wardrobe a huge sense of grandeur.



  1. A theme to match the bed

Themes are great as long as it matches the right elements within the room. The bed frame is the other piece of furniture in most bedrooms that will stick around for years into the future without change. It can be as simple as placing the same pattern trim on both pieces of furniture.



  1. Huge contrast

Like mixing things up and being a bit out there? One of the best ways to ensure your wardrobe is never put out of place is to make it a direct contrast to everything else in the room. If it has its own independent character and doesn't match anything else directly, it’ll always be one of the main attractions of the space and matter how you change things about.



  1. Clouded glass

 It’s not as common as typical transparent glass and it’s certainly not old-fashioned like wood. Clouded glass doors are elegant as well as incredibly modern looking. Like staying ahead of the times? This style of door matches perfectly with dark colour schemes and especially greys. Glass wardrobe doors are certainly a feature we help a lot of people with at Gold Coast. Not only does glass repel moisture and degrade very slowly, it reflects light and helps to make your space seem larger and far more bright.



  1. Two separate wardrobes

If you have the space, have you considered splitting your stuff and having two individual wardrobes in your room! Like the photo above, you can think about having the doors match which will bring a look of balance to the room.


That’s it! We hope this list has helped and that you're on your way to finding the perfect style to suit your current project! Please feel free to get in touch if you think we’ve missed anything more spectacular than the ideas above! 



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