5 Amazing Walk-in Wardrobe Ideas That Need To Be Stolen

Thinking about having a walk-in wardrobe in your life? Why not! They’re beautiful, practical, and make each and every day just that little bit more special. If you’re about to embark on chasing your new wardrobe fantasies, here’s a list of tempting features you won’t want to miss. Have a look through and see if any of these genius ideas have a place in your base of operations:

Let’s get going!



A wardrobe bench

How many times have you been getting dressed for so long that you’ve wished you had a seat to take a break. This is your chance! Make sure one of your “shelves” is low and long enough to act as a bench and you have the option to sit as needed. It’s also amazing for when you’re getting ready with others and they need somewhere to relax while they assess your bounty of looks. A wardrobe that encourages social modeling, how can you say no?



Jewelry draws

If you’re still clumping all your precious chains into a box, you’ll be well versed in the art of untangling. With your walk-in wardrobe comes the chance to install a collection of cushioned draws specifically allocated to housing your array of dainty treasures. This way, you can keep them all laid out and separated at all times. Put the days of metal knot picking behind you! You’re a wardrobe diva now, it’s time to keep everything in its place. Speaking of precious things, how about:


A safe

Because it’s a walk-in, there’s half a chance you already plan to have a door separating the space from the rest of the room. Add a lock to this door and you’ll have a single layer of security for the wardrobe. Install a safe and you’ll have an even more secure spot for all your most precious items.

It’s a hugely practical option because if you think about all the times you use these hugely precious items most, it’s usually while you're getting ready. Watches, wallets, valuable jewelry, and even passports are all great examples of items that are both precious and on the list of things you’ll want to access while you change or pack.


A real shoe system

Just having a simple open area for your shoes is not quite good enough anymore. You can consider having a heel wrack which is effectively just a horizontal pole, but that only works for heels. The best shoe solutions are beautiful and practical. Shoe draws make a good option, but if you have an army of shoes, you’re going to need a heck of a lot of draws. Plastic transparent draws are an affordable way to go, but you’ll probably want to hide them behind cover to keep the aesthetic crisp and tidy.

Whatever you decide, your main aim should be to keep shoes well out of the open. No other piece of clothing you have is as messy to look at when on display or as annoying to step on!



At least one full-length mirror 

There’s no way you’re going to put all this effort into building a masterpiece dressing solution, and not have a mirror that shows off every inch of your every outfit. To give yourself the best views of your reflection, have the full-length mirror placed on the outside of the wardrobe facing the room like the design above. It’ll brighten up your space, make the room feel bigger, and gives you access to an instant glance everytime you dash in and out of the room.

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