4 Stunning Shower Screen Design Ideas That Are Great For Practicality

When you're trying to give your upstairs rooms a bit of a facelift, the bathroom’s often the place where a lot of people tend to start. If you want to make changes that bring beauty as well as practical functionality, you’ll have to do your homework to find the right options. At Gold Coast, we love helping people find the perfect set of glass shower screens for their home. We’ve been offering our range of great designs for years and can tailor our installations to individual needs.

In this post, we’re giving you a slice of inspiration by looking at 4 jaw-dropping glass shower screen ideas that are hard to pass up. Let’s get going!


  1. Slider doors  

Slider doors are ideal if you have limited open space directly in front of your shower. Narrow bathrooms don't quite suit a conventional swinging door because the movement of the door takes up too much space making it impractical. Our sliding doors look spectacular and glide open like a dream.

  1. A bathroom bar

This might seem like a small thing but you’ll be amazed how much difference such a neat addition will make. The first thing you reach for whenever you leave the shower is a big fresh towel, so why not make things even easier by placing the bar as close as possible to the shower screens. Think you also need extra storage within the actual shower space? Then how about:

  1. Glass shelving

Metal will let you down over time, especially in an area that gets direct contact with water on a constant basis. Glass is completely safe from rust or water degradation, so it’s the best way to go for surfaces within the bathroom. Not only do glass shelves look incredibly elegant, but they can also be cut to fit the shapes and dimensions of your space for flawless results. Custom design is something we handle for almost all of our design projects at Gold Coast.

  1. Screens to fit around your layout

With glass shower screens comes a huge amount of flexibility. The glass panels that make up the screen can be cut to fit your space and layout without issue. Just like the example shown above, it doesn't matter if you have a multi-level format to your room or a ceiling that changes gradient, your shower screen can be built around your individual needs. Embrace the current shape of your room and lessen the workload by having your new shower screen made to fit around your exact requirements.

That’s it for now! We hope this quick list of ideas has helped. If you have any other questions about shower screen options or you have any other great ideas you want to share, the team at Gold Coast will be happy to hear from you!

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