How Semi Frameless Shower Screens Can Make Your Gold Coast Shower Door More Convenient

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a way to increase the sense of space or the amount of light in your bathroom—a way to open it up and make it seem more luxurious and accommodating. Renovating an area such as the bathroom can be a tough job because so many of the fixtures typically inside bathrooms are utilitarian rather than decorative in nature. However, that hasn’t stopped bathrooms from being near the top of most renovators’ priority lists. In fact, bathroom renovations remain one of the most viable ways to increase the value of practically any property in Gold Coast or elsewhere. So, the question remains: what’s the best way to add a noticeable flourish to your bathroom? Should you repaint, or invest in new tiles? Maybe—but here’s an idea that’s both easy and cost-effective—install a semi frameless shower door instead of continuing to rely on your old curtain.

Advantages to Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Semi frameless shower screens help Gold Coast bathrooms look larger because they provide a clear barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, instead of an opaque or semi-transparent sheet of plastic or cloth. These barriers are practically invisible, except for the small border around their frame. As such, they also tend to let in a lot more light—since many bathroom windows are situated in the shower area, and their light could be blocked by a closed curtain. Furthermore, semi frameless shower screens do a much better job of keeping water where it needs to be when you’re actually using the shower. A curtain can drip or leave gaps where water spills through, but a properly-installed and closed shower door will create a tight seal as you wash that leaves no room for water to puddle on the floor outside.

When you set out to purchase semi frameless shower screens, make sure you choose a trustworthy company to provide and install them for you. It’s imperative that your shower screen comes from a business well-known for the quality of both their products and their installation services so that you can rest assured your new shower door will do its job properly and last a long time. Gold Coast Shower Screens can help. We have more than five years of experience in the industry and are rapidly becoming known as a premium provider of both shower screens and other high-quality home improvement products.

How Gold Coast Shower Screens Goes Above and Beyond

When you trust us to put in your shower screens, you’ll receive:

  • Detailed workmanship from a dedicated team
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  • Fast turnaround times that help you enjoy your new bathroom with the shortest possible waiting period

Make it easy to step into a world of luxury next time you want to take a shower. Contact Gold Coast Shower Screens and let one of our people tell you all about how our screens can change the way you shower.

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