The Most Important Areas To Clean In Bathroom - Preventing Limescale Buildup

Whether you live in rented accommodation or your own house, the golden rule applies, neglect the bathroom and the damage is going to cost you. Not such a big cleaner? In this post, we’re pointing out some of the most crucial areas of the bathroom you need to be cleaning most regularly. Ignore these areas for too long and the limescale build up will become a real problem. Stay on top of these pointers week-by-week and the bathrooms crunch areas will stay good as new. We’ll start with:

Around all faucets

Dirt piles up around faucets like dust on a shelf. These are the key fixtures where water enters the room, so as you’d imagine, they are where all the action is. Limescale can be a nightmare to clean if it’s left to set in for months. Make sure all your taps and their handles get a good scrub down every couple of weeks to ensure they don't suffer lasting damage.


The shower head

Just like the taps, the shower head sees the most water contact. Limescale will build here especially quickly if you and your housemates are showering at least once every day. Be sure to use cleaning products designed for metal bathroom fixtures. If you use the wrong soaps, you risk causing permanent damage and colouration to the surface of the metal. At Gold Coast, we do a lot of our work in bathrooms of all types so we know exactly how crucial it can be to stay on top of things.

Below the shower screen

Water drop down the shower screen and sits at the base where it contacts the seal if there is one, the joints holding the screen to the frame, and the bath if your screen is mounted in this way. These areas need to be cleaned frequently as buildup here can be supremely ugly as well as prevent the screen from swinging smoothly.  


Between tiles

If you’ve ever had to clean heavy buildup within the grouting between tiles, you’ll know why frequent cleaning is so important. Dirt that caught between tiles tends to stick to the grouting like glue. It’s one of the most demanding parts of any bathroom to clean so you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour by preventing huge buildups here.

Bleach the bowl often

This is not so much a limescale issue but it does have to be said whenever you’re talking about lasting damage in the bathroom. Forget this one and you’ll be left with staining to the bottom of the WC that can be incredibly tough to scrub out. As long as you’re throwing some bleach down the bowl every week, you’ll have far less work on your hands and knees to worry about in future!    

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