The Best Ways To Get The Most Out of A Large Living Room

So you’ve just landed a lovely big place and now have a lot to play with. Well done! Now what? In this guide we’re handing you a list of great ways you can make the most of your generous living area. Spent all of your creativity doing the kitchen? Don't worry, we’ve always got more than enough sparkle to spare. At Gold Coast, we install beautiful glass fixtures as a speciality, so we’ve seen it all. Need a burst of inspiration? Here are some of the super things you can do with your spacious lounge:

A Sofa Square

Yes, this is only possible when you have more room than you know what to do with. It’s very grand, it’s super social, and it eats up a whole lot of floor space but you anyone that visits will have no choice but to love it to pieces. The tricky question is, do you go all matching or let each sofa have its own personality. If you like a longer shopping list, go separate. If you prefer modern, uniform looks, go for a matching set.  


Furniture on wheels

You don't actually have to have a palace for this idea to be brilliant. It's just that the more space you have, the more dramatic effect this is going to deliver. Protect your pristine floors from heavy items and protect yourself from the back-breaking task of shifting things around to suit your needs. Get your tables, chests, and heavy chairs on wheels to make things easy as pie to throw around as you please. Need an extra table for extra cocktails? Just roll it over!


A corner sofa that’s not actually in the corner of the room

Open plan doesn't have to mean orderless. It can be really groovy having the back of a sofa face a different section of the room. It acts as a boarder and lets you hang a nice fake fur or alternative cover down the back facing a high-contact area. It also allows outrageously cool, Jame Bond-esque stunts like hoping over the back to land perfectly seated facing the telly.


Add layers to your flooring    

Looking for more of a big-time project and fancy being a bit brave? Add elevation changes to your room to separate sections by height. It’s bold and hugely ambitious, but the results speak for themselves. It might not be such a good idea for the elderly, but for aspirational youths, it’s simply stunning.   

Retro decor

Some people see it as wasting space, others see it as making good use of old gear. With age comes character and buckets of it. A pile of suitcases in the corner says you’re wordly but also have a daring sense of style. Roughed up woodwork says you’re bold as heck and like to appreciate the life that items have lasted through. The more space you have, the more relics you can show off with bags of room to spare.


That’s it! We hope you’ve taken something from this list and that the wheels have started turning for you! Think we can be of more help? Feel free to get in touch or leave a comment. Happy reworking!

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