The Best Ways For Businesses To Use Mirrors In Compact Spaces

Are you running a local business and think your premises could do with a new look? At Gold Coast, we specialise in glass surfaces, mirrors, and interior glass fittings. We know exactly how much difference a new, spectacular installation can make to a growing business and we help a lot of local businesses achieve their interior ambitions with tailored solutions. In this post, we’re going to present you with a collection of our favourite ways to dress up an interior that needs to be beautiful, practical, and uniquely attractive for all the right reasons. Looking to make an impact, here are some powerful mirror concepts for your team to consider:



Add grandeur to your customer experience

Have a restaurant or hotel and want customers to feel like they’ve stepped into a very special spot? Nothing beats the grandeur and magnificence of large mirrors that expand across the majority of a wide wall. The larger the mirror, the more light is reflected around the space. It also provides guests with an unignorable perspective of the surrounding room. Even a very small and compact room will seem infinitely bigger as soon as a large mirror is placed along one of its largest walls.  




Add darling details to your interior

When you need to charm your guest with adorable features, multiple smaller mirrors can be just as attractive as large ones. If you’re operating within a beauty or feminine industry, you’ll want cheeky little mirrors that give guests the ideal chance to sneak a peek at their reflection as often as possible. Very large mirrors can be intimidating in such environments as their scale makes them feel less personal. As soon as you shrink the scale down, the reflection feels more private to each user.   




Even the smallest gyms need huge mirrors

You can’t get away with having an interior gym or active space anymore without lining the walls with floor to ceiling mirrors. The active industry is booming and people are caring about their form and personal performance more than ever before. Whether you’re installing a tiny home gym or having a covenant, compact facility placed on your business premises, quality mirrors make all the difference when it comes to pumping out killer sessions.




Make precious moments count

Selling something that a lot of your patrons will consider incredibly sentimental? Make every moment count by having large, characterful mirrors that give them the experience they’re looking for. At Gold Coast, we cut our mirrors to the precise needs of every individual project. Have something very complex or particular in mind? We have the expertise to ensure your mirror fits your every requirement!



Outdoor mirrors

This one's for the rule breakers and daredevils! How many buildings have you passed that feature a large street-facing or storefront mirror? Next-to-none we’re sure. That’s because it’s seen as risky and very out there, but we think it’s worth it to make one heck of an impact!

These are some of the coolest ideas we have right now! Think we’ve missed any? Feel free to get in touch with Gold Coast today and we’ll be happy to let you know what’s possible.

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