The Best Bedroom Colour Schemes That Will Stay Trendy Well Beyond 2018

Choosing the right colour scheme for any room is usually a huge challenge, but the bedroom takes the biscuit. Painting an entire room can be a real mission especially for those of us that don't partake in DIY all that often. In this article, we’re showing you some of the most attractive colour schemes we’ve seen in recent years, all of which are sure to stay bright and fashionable for long into the future. We all know how hard it can be to find the right set of cushions whenever a colour choice you’ve made in the past goes out of style. Play it safe with these gorgeous combinations. Let’s get going!

We’ll start with:  


Grey white and soft brown

Combine greys, soft browns and whites to emulate the spread of light throughout your space. Avoid too many dark greys to keep the room as light and refreshing as possible. It suits a minimalist theme which means small understated cabinets or wardrobe doors that blend into the walls. Complement your light walls with light brown furniture. This combo is more of a classic than any other on this list. The best thing about classics? They stay timeless throughout the ages. Fancy playing it ultra-safe? Then this blend should be a prime option.



Copper and white

Copper has seen a transformational emergence over recent years into the forefront of interior design styling. It’s metallic which makes it crisp and modern while it’s browny orange hue gives it a subtlety that’ll match perfectly with a wide range of light contrasts. Pair it with white and you have a dynamic shiny surface cutting through a sea of refreshing white purity. This also works perfectly if you have any copper pipes exposed in any area of the bedroom or bathroom. Give it a good polish and it fits right in!     


Oranges and browns

If you like the idea of a crisp orange but don't want it to shine like a metallic copper, go with fabric or matt paint oranges. Because orange offers less zing than a shiny copper, you can bring out more punch by laying whites and oranges against strong dark browns. Separate your oranges and dark browns with whites to let each deep colour have it’s own space to breathe.



Red, yellow and white

Looking for something more lively? Reds and yellows are a great way to bring some vibrancy and distinction to a room. Red is very easy to overdo so remember to keep it to light touches. Soft yellow makes a great pick for the walls and you can throw splashes of white around the art, sheets, bed or wardrobe doors to keep the place clean and bright. Stop the space from looking too festive by placing dark and solid furniture evenly throughout the room.   



Off-whites and calming blues

Strong dark blues stand for resilience and pride, whereas light soft blues are calming and peaceful. A brilliant white contrast might be too harsh but off-whites like light greys, or natural stone works, like the example above, give the surrounding colours more of a grounding. Light blues simply come to life when you set them against soft greys, ivory or pearl.


Those are our favourites! We hope this quick list of great colour scheme ideas has helped. At Gold Coast, we live and breath fine interior design which is one of the key reasons we design so many of our bedroom and bathroom fittings to be as colour neutral as possible. Think we’ve missed anything? Let us know in the comments! 

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