The Advantages Of Glass For Your New Wardrobe Doors

Time for a new wardrobe? While you’re on the hunt for the perfect design, you’re bound to come across an overwhelming sea of options that can make the whole process of choosing the right set a bit of a challenge. In this post, we’re looking at the main advantages of going with a glass door wardrobe. At Gold Coast, glass doors are our specialty, so we know all about the best reasons to have a lovely glass design playing a key role in your modern bedroom revamp.

Still trying to make up your mind? Here are some of the best reasons to fall in love with glass wardrobe doors:



Glass reflects light beautifully

Wood has a pretty and natural pattern yes, but glass has a more modern aesthetic and reflects light with spectacular effect if placed by quality lighting. Want something different? Everyone’s seen wood in endless supply before, so you’re not breaking any ground going for a set of wooden doors. As you can see in the image above, however, glass brings its own unique level of character. Combine it with strong synthetic lights or place it opposite a large window and you have a surface that’ll transform the brightness and vibrancy of your space.




Coloured glass

You can have whatever colour you like when you work with glass. Not only can you change the colour, but you can also change the transparency. Some people will prefer being able to see through the doors to have their folded clothes visible, others will prefer having the glass doors completely solid with no transparency at all. Whatever colour theme you’re going for, glass can be modified to suit it perfectly.


Glass lasts forever

Well, it lasts until someone or something barrels through it. But with the treated glass we use at Gold Coast, the strength of the glass ensures they’re built to take a serious level of punishment. Unlike wood and metal, glass doesn't decay from moisture, so once you’ve got it, you’ve got it for life!



You can go mirrored!

The advantages of a mirrored wardrobe door are hugely attractive. There’s no better way to get dressed every day than with the help of a huge floor length view of yourself. Also, your room always feels bigger when there’s a large mirror reflecting the surroundings.


Local supply

When you’re shopping for home refurbs, things tend to get a bit pricey the further afoot you look. Live near the Gold Coast? Then we’ll be able to help provide top quality design at very affordable rates. All of our products are manufactured here in Australia, meaning cost-effective options, minimal transport fees, and local expertise. Need help with your next project? Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have! 

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