Picking The Right Shower Screen - Does Thickness Matter?

Thinking of having a shower screen in your bathroom? It’s a great way to go if you’re tired of flimsy curtains and you want something more elegant and substantial. At Gold Coast, we specialise in high-quality shower screens and glass-based interior fittings, so we appreciate exactly how much the installation will benefit your daily experience in the bathroom room.

In this post, we’re going over one of the most tricky decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to picking the right shower screen - glass thickness. We’ll cover exactly why it makes a difference and why so many different thicknesses are available. If you’re super keen to get your mind made up and have the installation underway, have a quick read through these pointers to find out exactly which kind of thickness you should be aiming for. We’ll start with:


What does thickness really mean when it comes to glass shower screens?

At Gold Coast, we believe that the thickness of glass you require is hugely dependent on the design of shower enclosure you’re looking to install. Glass thickness is often looked at as a measure of quality. The thing is, if the glass you use is thicker it will be heavier. Use a thickness that’s too heavy for your design and you’ll be applying more pressure on all the joint components over time, meaning they’ll effectively degrade faster.  

Every time our Gold Coast team install a shower screen, we ensure the glass is the correct weight and thickness to suit the rollers, pivots, hinges, and screws that we use in that particular project. The last thing you want is for the doors to collapse at any point in future and you certainly want the doors to function perfectly for as long as possible.

Every shower screen should be made from toughened safety glass. Untreated glass is not suitable for shower screens because it shatters when broken spreading a sea of dangerous glass fragments across the surrounding area. Our toughened safety glass doesn't do this. Instead, it breaks into larger pieces that have blunt edges making it far more safe for interior design. If anyone tries to sell you a shower screen that isn't made from treated safety glass, they’re not taking your long-term safety seriously enough and it’s a sure rip-off no matter what price they’re promising!


When to use 8mm and 10mm glass

If you’re trying to put together a nice new wet room or walk-in shower enclosure, an ideal thickness would be 8mm in most cases. It’s substantial enough to remain safe and sturdy, while light enough to provide ease of use as well as longevity.

Thinking of having a frameless design? Then 10mm thick glass is more appropriate. At Gold Coast, our frameless designs feature much stronger supporting components, meaning the glass can be heavier. With extra weight comes that more substantial look and feel which certainly makes a difference every time you come into contact with the glass. Don't need an enclosure with a swinging door? 10mm thickness also lends itself perfectly to walk-in showers where the glass wall is fixed in a standing position.


Sliding shower doors

Definitely want a door that swings open and shuts to enclose you in glass? The more the door has to move, the lighter we would suggest it should be. Sliding glass doors, for example, should be 6mm thick in most cases. The larger the sliding or swinging door, the lighter it should be to optimise for safety and practicality. You don't want to go too thin however! Duck below 6mm and things start to feel a little too light and lack that quality feel.  



Those are the basics! We hope this quick guide on choosing the right glass thickness for your shower screen has helped! The team here at Gold Coast are always happy to help with questions about shower screens as well as a whole host of other interior design areas. Have concerns? Feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below for more assistance!   

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