Interior Design Features That Make the Most Of Glass Splashbacks

A splashback is a surface made from glass that’s installed for practical as well as aesthetic impact. Trying to find ways to make your home or workspace more spectacular? It’s hard to match the gravity and presence that comes from a beautiful glass surface adding incredible levels of character and functionality to your room.

At Gold Coast, we specialise in glass surfaces and splashbacks are one of our most popular design areas. In this article, we want to point out a handful of great interior design ideas that make the most of glass splashbacks to achieve results with unique style and longevity. We’ll begin with: 



An interior centerpiece like no other

The above piece is an example of the grandeur and magnificence that can be achieved with splashbacks. Imagine your own logo wrapped in glass just like the centerpiece above. It’s modern, stylish and incredibly durable. Glass reflects light beautifully, so any image or depiction you have behind such a surface will have a glossy edge to it that is magnified by all the light that pours into the room.



In kitchens or bathrooms

Have a theme that you want to keep to? With the kind of glass splashbacks we make at Gold Coast, you can place a colour/image behind the glass or leave it completely transparent to show things on the other side of the wall. This is great in walls that separate rooms as well as walls that separate indoors from out. The glass acts as a shield from moisture and spills making it perfectly ideal for messy areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Unlike woods or metals, glass isn't destroyed by contact with water, so will last for many years into the future with nothing more than a simple wipe clean now and then.



With shelving

You’ve probably already been in a few bars or clubs that place splashbacks behind shelving, This brings a whole new dynamic to the look of a bar or restaurant. By reflecting the bottles on show, the display magnifies the presence of the items on the shelves and gives the area a far more impressive, modern feel. Whether you’re displaying premium beverages, stock within a shop floor, or your own personal collection of ornaments at home, the application of a glass splashback takes the display to another level.



To dampen illumination   

Because glass can be coloured to have almost any texture, colour, or different levels of transparency, the possibilities for varied design are endless. If you love the idea of warm lighting but don't want the light to be too strong, you can place lights behind cloudy glass splashbacks to ensure the light is restrained and delivers a softer glow. This idea is perfect for hospitality spaces where you want guests to feel as relaxed as possible.



We hope this quick list has helped spark your own creative ideas! At Gold Coast, we’ve helped a variety of commercial clients achieve wonderful interior designs by helping them pick the perfect glass installation for their needs. We’re always happy to explore new projects and challenges! If you think there’s any further information we can help with, please get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help as much as we can!

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