How To Pick The Perfect Shower Screen For Your New Bathroom

When you’re on a mission to redo the bathroom, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is the kind of shower you put in. Afterall, the shower is where you’ll spend the vast majority of your recovery time from day to day, so you have to make sure the final result ticks all the right boxes for you and those you live with.

There’s a wide range of shower screen designs out there, so in this post, we’ll try and simplify things by looking at some of the most popular styles as well as point out the reasons each concept might be the right option for you. Even if you already have a good idea of the kind of shower you want to aim for, it’s always still well worth having a look through these to make sure you’ve thoroughly weighed up your options:   


A Single Screen Walk-in Shower

Walk in showers have no door which means they often require a lot of space. The advantage with a single glass screen is the fact that the shower can be placed in the corner or across the length of the room. This idea will appeal to you if you like the idea of having large amounts of wall space within the shower that is covered by a tile surface. It’s also very practical if you don't want to have to deal with a door day to day.


A Bath Shower Screen

Don't have that much space to work with and need to combine the bath with the shower? A bath shower screen is one large panel of glass that sits on the edge of the bath. They can be built with a bit of swivel to make getting in and out of the shower easier. Shower screens are far more hygienic than shower curtains because they don’t absorb any moisture. If you’ve had a simple plastic shower curtain before, you’ve no doubt experienced how grimmy and stained they can get over time.

With glass screens you don't have to worry about staining or degradation, they’re much easier to clean and look a heck of a lot tidier than a sheet of plastic. If the screen is made from clear glass, it will also allow far more light to travel around the room, which can make a huge difference to the level of light you experience within the shower.

A Classic Shower Cubicle

The shower cubicle is incredibly popular in modern homes because it can be very compact, requires very little room as well as the fact that it’s much easier to clean than say a typical bath that is surrounded by a mass of tiles. This type of shower screen usually has one single hinged door but some variants feature a bi-folding or sliding door to suit your preference.

The shower cubicle typically consists of two screens that can be placed into the corner of the room to make the best use of available space. If you love the look of glass and would like your cubicle to look as seamless as possible, you can aim for a fully frameless design like this:


A fully frameless shower screen cubicle by Gold Coast Shower Screens.

Some people prefer a clear edge to their surfaces. If you like the idea of adding a bit of metal character to your cubicle, you can have a Semi-Frameless shower, which looks like this:

A Semi-Frameless shower by Gold Coast

This Semi-Frameless shower shown above is a premium example of the shower cubicle. This design has finely polished edging on all exposed glass, a 270’ temperate swinging glass door and aluminum framing running along the railings of the screen. A hinged glass door makes all the difference in ensuring your shower is as easy and comfortable to use as possible. Two completely clear glass screens allow light to travel around the room as crispy as possible, meaning the space inside and out of the cubicle looks as big and bright as it can.

That's it! These are the main styles to choose from. It’s all about having a good clear idea of the ultimate look you want to achieve as well as factoring in the space you have to play with. A lot of people can live without a bath and are happy to have the shower be the main centerpiece of the bathroom. This means more space to play with and the opportunity to have a more luxurious cubical or walk-in shower. We very much hope this overview of popular shower screen ideas has helped!

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