How to Know Which Wardrobe Doors Are Right For Your Room?

Wardrobe doors come in different styles, colours, and textures. To give an insight into which wardrobe doors will be best suited to your personal needs and budget, here at Gold Coast Shower Screens we’ve put together a small description of each to help make your decision easier.

Vinyl Doors

There’s aren't too many places a set of vinyl doors wouldn't be well suited in your household. Vinyl doors are a beautiful accessory to any bedroom disclosing the internals of your wardrobe to the external surroundings. Hallways and laundries are also another space in your house you’ll find a set of vinyl doors looking fantastic.

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Mirrored Doors

A set of mirrored wardrobe doors is the epitome of any bedroom space. Contrary to the vinyl doors, they step it up on more levels than one with that open space feeling you get from having your sanctuary reflected back to you from anywhere in your room. Our mirrored doors also carry the highest quality of materials complying with AUS/NZ standards so safety with our mirrors is something you don't need to worry about.

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White Glass

White glass doors are definitely in a league of their own. You won't get the beautiful texture of our vinyl doors nor the panorama of the mirrored doors; but instead, a stunning white gloss finish that will make any room feel modern and clean. As well as being gorgeous, our white glass doors can also be doubled as a whiteboard as we know some love to keep on top of their daily routine or just want to have a bit of personal inspiration they can wake up to every morning. So with that in mind, always keep a whiteboard marker and some cleaner handy.

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When style is everything, there is really no comparison to a set of Semi-Frameless Doors. Our range of Semi-Frameless Doors are all polished to perfection where they meet an almost hidden compact frame. Available in White Glass, Silver, Grey, Black, Gold and Bronze Mirror we guarantee we have a glass to best suit you and your sanctuaries needs. All frames for all styles of GCSS Wardrobe Doors are available in; Chrome, Matt Silver, Black and White.

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We hope this post has been helpful and insightful into which set of wardrobes best suits you, your bathroom and your budget.

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