How to Know Which Shower Is Right For Your Bathroom?

Knowing which shower screen style to choose for your newly renovated bathroom can sometimes be quite daunting, with so much hard work and effort being poured into a room like your bathroom, everything has to be perfect.

Luckily here at Gold Coast Shower Screens, we’ve done the hard yards for you. Here is a breakdown of the three ranges of showers we offer, please note these ranges come in all different shapes, colours and sizes too: 

Deluxe - Semi-Frameless

Our starter range, “Deluxe” Semi-Frameless shower, is our most popular style of shower screen, and for good reason, being economically suiting to almost any bathroom you can put it in. With a tight budget that can be a make or break in many bathroom areas, a Deluxe won’t leave your pockets dry.

With its sleek aluminium frame and finely polished edge glass door, a Deluxe will not only look the part but do the necessary job required from a shower screen which is to hold water and not leak it.

Click the following link to view the Deluxe: Deluxe - Semi-Frameless

Elite - Premium Semi-Frameless

Gold Coast Shower Screens Premium Range, “Elite” Premium Semi-Frameless shower, is in a class of its own. Compared to the Deluxe Range, we’ve focused a lot of energy into making The Elite range stand out from the crowd with its finely polished edging on all edges of exposed glass; Return, Door and Inline.

The style of the Elite Range was very dependent on perfectly shaped and designed aluminium framing running along all external railings of the Screen.

With some bathrooms being quite space conscious, a 270’ temperate glass door swing which opens both inwards and outwards will be great for those who cant afford to not be able to get in and out of their shower bay comfortably as no shower should ever be non-enjoyable.

Click the following link to view the Elite: Elite - Premium Semi-Frameless

10 Milly - Frameless

Our “10 Milly” Frameless Range is untethered to anywhere else. With all 10mm and 6mm glass being locally made and not internationally imported, as most companies you see are doing, we are able to keep quality paramount without drilling holes in your pockets.

The 10 Milly Frameless Range really is the pinnacle of all Shower Enclosures as there is nothing quite like the centrepiece of a Frameless Glass Panel. All Glass and Glass Components are in compliance with Aus&NZ standards.

Click the following link to view the 10 Milly: 10 Milly - Frameless


We hope this post has been helpful and insightful into which range of Gold Coast Shower Screens best suits you, your bathroom and your budget.

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