How to Keep Your Shower Clean: 3 Quick Tips

Here at Gold Coast Shower Screens, we pride ourselves on not only top quality products and installations, but also on the after-sales customer service and education we provide to our clients. Here are 3 quick tips that will keep your shower clean and prevent any damage:

1. Use a squeegee

They cost just a few dollars and really do make all of the difference when it comes to keeping your shower clean and preventing a build up of dirt and hard stains. Make sure to squeegee all panels after showering. What happens when you don't squeegee is that the hard water stains actually etch the glass which causes irreversible damage that can't be removed, even with strong cleaning solutions. Your best bet and our number one tip is to just invest that extra 30 seconds it takes to squeegee the glass to keep your shower looking brand new for years to come!

2. Watch out for dirty feet

Now that we're keeping your shower's glass panels nice and clean thanks to a squeegee, it's time to make sure that you take care of your shower floor too. Most of us walk around barefoot at some stage in the day and even a small accumulation of dirt under the bottom of our feet can permanently stain your bathroom floor. We suggest keeping a rag in the shower that you can step on when first entering so that you can first off clean your feet. You can also keep a brush inside your shower so that after every shower you can give the floor a quick scrub + rinse off to ensure that your shower doesn't become a victim of a stained and permanent black shower floor. 

3. Beware of bar soap

From our experience, a high percentage of permanently stained and moldy showers have come from a build-up of small chunks of soap that come from bar soap. The simple solution is to alternatively just use liquid soaps only, but if you're a fan of bar soap just be sure to scrape off any excess soap chunks off of your walls and floor at the end of each shower. Also be sure to use a washcloth to wipe the ledge below your bar soap. 

So there you have it. Taking care and cleaning your shower will keep it looking brand new for years to come. If you're looking to renovate your bathroom with a new shower and mirror, then check out our products here: Products.
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