How To Choose The Best Splashback For Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Splashbacks are rising in popularity across modern interior design for a host of reasons. At Gold Coast, we offer a wide range of glass splashbacks that can be custom made to fit your plans perfectly.

There’s a lot of choice out there so in this short guide, we want to give you a brief overview of the main material options you’ll come across and the advantages of each. Think your bathroom or kitchen could use a bit of a makeover with a brand new splashback? Then have a look through these styles to see which one sounds best! We’ll start with:


Tile Splashbacks

The main idea of a splashback is to repel moisture and bare the brunt of the most “high traffic” areas of your kitchen. So for a lot of people, the first material that comes to mind for such a task is ceramic. Tiles give you a distinct look, can be bought at almost any DIY store, and don't require a heap of expertise to install youself. The problem with tiles? They do tend to discolour over time and can completely fall apart if left too long without a thorough clean. Tiles will always require more maintenance over time than the other options on this list.

Steel Splashbacks

There’s a reason you’ll see most professional kitchens lined with nothing but plain steel splashbacks behind every worksurface. Steel splashbacks are modern looking, robust, require next to no maintenance for years into the future, and are supremely easy to keep clean. In your own home, a narrow steel splashback behind the sink or the hob can bring a very contemporary look to your kitchen, especially if you already have a host of other steel decor to match.

Not sure you fancy the cold, sharp look and feel of steel and want something more modern than tiles? Then glass might be the perfect option for you.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass is very strong and easy to clean just like steel, but it can be far more flexible in terms of style and aesthetics. Glass can be transparent to show off details or artwork behind it, it can be coloured in almost any shade, and offers a distinct level of reflection and shine when under lighting.

Glass surfaces are very striking, so it’s worth thinking very carefully about the size of area you want the splashback to cover. At Gold Coast, we specialize in glass surfaces so we know exactly how much impact such additions can make to your kitchen. If you have a smaller more compact room, you’ll perhaps need shorter and wider splashbacks that minimize glare. If you’re working with a larger space you can think about taller splashbacks above the hob or sink to really accentuate the grandeur of the room.

Glass is completely waterproof, so unlike tiles, mould won’t be a problem. The glass we use in our designs is heat-treated glass which means it’s incredibly strong and built to withstand hard knocks and impact.

Those are your main options! We hope this quick overview has helped. If you’re looking for something more modern or just a practical solution that ensures your kitchen is as easy to manage as possible long into the future, steel or glass is the way to go. Love the look of ceramic and don't mind giving them a good scrubbing from time to time? Then tiles might be your best bet. Enjoy the hunt!     



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