Easy Kitchen Additions That’ll Change Your Life

If you live in your kitchen, then it’s going to be one of the most exciting areas of your home to get working on. This is where a lot of people spend their most active moments at home, so it tends to really pay off when you make big changes here. Fancy improving your kitchen time in some way and need a hefty splash of inspiration? Have a look through these ideas to see if any have a place in your plans. Let’s kick things off with:

Vibrant Art

Most people will probably think the idea of putting a huge, vibrant painting by the workstation is certainly on the risky side of things, but that’s half the fun! If you like the idea of your kitchen being the center of buzz, expression, and positive thinking, then expressive wall art isn't going to be out of place here at all. Yes, you’ll have to be extra careful when dicing, mixing, and blending, but it’s worth it for the great vibes you’ll bring to the room.

 Raw brick walls

It doesn't really get much more rustic than this. Strip away all the paint and plaster to let your home’s true underbelly show loud and proud. Unlike overly-pretty painted walls, raw brick walls bring a mash of colour, texture, and more than a kick of character. Why not bring things back down to basics? Pair these walls with natural, unpainted wooden surfaces and you’ll be killing it with country vibes.


Throw in a glass splashback

Glass splashbacks are a simple addition that brings a world of benefits. They don't have to be huge like the one above. You can go whatever size suits you. Glass never decays from moisture exposure, it reflects light beautifully, and can be made in any colour you can imagine. The best thing about them is the role they play in ensuring all your messy work is easy to clean up. Wipe everything away with ease and never have to worry about stains, mould, or discoloration!


Hang your implements

Not only will this make it a heck of a lot easier to access all your favourite hardware, it also looks really charming if you like things busy and varied. All you need is a backboard and a few nails to get things going. Most of the utensils you already stock will have hooks or holes in the handles making them perfect for hanging. Toss minimalism out the window and get back to having things exactly where you want them - right in front of you at all times.


Those are our best ideas right now! Think any of these will work for you or have other ideas that you can share? Feel free to let us know in the comments below! Good luck and get working!  

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