Common Bathroom Mistakes That Will Lead To More Work

The bathroom is where all the action happens. Splashes of water, spills of all kinds, and the constant presence of condensation promise to bring rapid decay to any surfaces that don't belong. Doing up your bathroom and want to avoid as much maintenance work as possible over the coming years? Have a look through these common bathroom mistakes to make sure you’re avoiding the most tiresome pitfalls. We’ll start with: 


Painting all walls including the ceiling with leftover paint 

It happens because people often have paint leftover from other rooms. The temptation is to just use whatever you’ve got left from other projects rather than looking for a purpose designed bathroom paint. The thing is, if you don't do it right, paint will decay very quickly, especially if you’re covering the ceilings above the shower with a basic undercoat. It’s crucial that you use a paint that’s specifically designed for surfaces in the bathroom. These indoor paints will have waterproof and anti-mould properties that’ll allow coats to withstand the moist conditions for much longer. 

Use a normal indoor paint and you’re bound to see cracking and mould build up a heck of a lot sooner than you’d like. Avoid this by covering your walls with tiles as much as possible. Paint gets stained and ruined very easily, whereas tiles resist moisture and are much easier to keep spotless.   


Flooding a small bathroom with large fixtures 

If you have a small bathroom, you might be thinking you can make up for its size with a supremely luxurious sink, cabinets and bathtub. This is a super common mistake that you’ll regret until the day you decide you’ve had enough and start tearing things out. Bathroom design should be about functionality first and foremost. 

This is one of the busiest spaces in your home where you’ll be spending huge amounts of time addressing all sorts of necessities. A lot of the time, you’ll be in a rush, so you need this room to run like clockwork. Think about saving as much space as possible, making sure the towel racks are within easy range of the sink, and that there’s ample space around the toilet and bath to maneuver comfortably. Play it safe and think about logistics first, aesthetics second.


Using a shower curtain and placing wooden fixtures near splash zones 

At Gold Coast, we don't like the idea of shower curtains, period. They wither quickly, smell terrible after a few weeks and are nearly impossible to clean once they’ve built up some inevitable staining. Shower screens on the other hand, we adore! Because shower screens are made from glass, they’re delight to clean, look incredible, and will continue to look fantastic for decades with nothing more than a quick wipe down now and then. Elegant designs like our Fully frameless model, are so simplistic that they’ll match almost any decor, no matter how much you decide to switch up colours or themes over the coming years. 

Placing wooden fixtures near the wash areas is something else you’ll want to avoid if you want as little maintenance work to do as possible. Wood is pretty, yes, but it absorbs moisture. A little spill of any coloured liquid has a good chance of leaving a stain, and you’re bound to leave permanent marks over time with glasses of wine, cups of tea, or candles. If you’re a huge wood fan, try to keep pristine wooden surfaces as far away from the “action” areas of the bathroom as possible.


Not enough storage

It’s easy to forget the mass collection of items we use almost everyday in the bathroom. If you have no place to keep these things stored away neatly, they’ll find themselves being left out in the open way more often than you’d like. You need space for towels, spare rolls, bathroom cleaning products and equipment, spare soaps, drugs, personal grooming gear, and anything else you might want conveniently housed right where you need it most.

Worried about space? Think about stacks of shelves above the toilets, hanging storage options, and making good use of the area under the sink. Make the most of all the space in the room above and beneath every fixture, as anyone that’s ever revamped a bathroom will tell you, you’re going to need every inch of storage you can muster.



Those are the main ones! We hope this list of common bathroom design mistakes has helped! Avoid these blunders to save yourself the trouble of having to redo your work far sooner than you ever imagined!


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