5 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home Work Space

Do a lot of work from home? Then why not sprouse things up a bit to liven up your day-to-day! Whether you work from a home office or from the couch, you’ll know how important it is to feel good about your working environment.

At Gold Coast, we’ve helped a lot of different companies and individuals with large, beautiful ornaments to give their working space a new lift. This exciting piece is just one example. Tired of looking at the same old space and fancy adding something new? Here are some refreshing ideas you might want to consider:

Yellow and white furnishing

The yellow and white combo is popular at the moment because it’s both bright and professional. If you can make an instant change that has the power to raise your mood every day as well as impress anyone else that visits your workspace, go for it!


Face the window

Yes, this works best if you have a window that hardly ever faces direct sunlight, but it’s worth a try for anyone just for the sake of mixing things up. The best advantages include always having a seasonal view behind your point of focus, always having great light emulating your desk, and being able to keep half an eye on the kids if your window faces the garden. Give it a go! You can always move things back if it doesn't work out.


Make room for a plant

The bigger the better! Not only are we all engineered to love the colours and visual appeal of plants, but we’re also built to live on the gas they breath out. The more plants you have surrounding you, the more refreshing your environment will feel. All plants pump out oxygen so having one on your desk or in the corner of the room somewhere will have an immediate physical impact on how you feel and work in that area.


A glass business sign or mounted frame

Want to take things a little more seriously? Have a professional glass sign placed above the door, on your desk, or somewhere in the building to show others that your brand resides here. You can also consider mounting special documents or art in this modern and stylish way. Plaster your degree or other certificates for all the see. There’s no shame in showing off your accomplishments, especially in places you mean to kick some serious butt.


That’s our list for now! We hope you found some of these ideas inspirational. Think we’ve missed anything? Feel free to send us your best ideas or get in touch the find out more about how we might be able to help with your latest project. Happy remodelling!

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