5 Ultra-Modern Wardrobe Concepts For Your Next Revamp Project

Time for a change? If you’re looking to give your bedroom or upstairs rooms a work-over, choosing the right wardrobe can set the tone for the rest of the space. In this piece, we’re looking at 5 super modern wardrobe ideas you can consider for your next project. Have a gander and see if any of these cool concepts has a place in your home.

Let’s get going!  

 1. Mirrors facing mirrors

This is an option if you have a long room and like the idea of converting it into more of a narrow hallway. Place a wall mirror on one side and a mirrored wardrobe on the other and you’ll create a prism of reflective impact. It produces great light spreading, which is especially important if you have a window in the room, but also means you’ll see yourself from almost every angle possible every day!


  1. Sliding layered doors

Don't have a lot of space to play with? Split the door into multiple pieces and have them slide across each other to give you maximum flexibility within the space you do have. It might not look as clean as some of the other options on this list, but it's certainly one of the more practical designs for smaller rooms. It's perfect for flats, guest bedrooms or even small holiday homes.

  1. Frameless Mirrored Doors

If you’re looking for the most impressive set of doors out there, you’ll be hard pressed to find a wardrobe design as stunning as these Semi-framless doors. These are one of the most popular wardrobe variants we offer at Gold Coast. The doors are super easy to glide open so there’s no need for a handle. The frameless look gives them an ultra-modern floor to ceiling aesthetic that has been carefully refined to suit almost any bedroom theme. Place them next to a large window and you’ll fill your room with a beautiful level of sunlight.


  1. Square Coat Hooks

Lose the boring curve hooks and make the only outstanding features on your wardrobe a pair of square coat hooks. They’re elegant, practical, and you can adorn the surface with a textured finish to suit the colour scheme throughout the rest of the room. They’ll also double up nicely as handles if you prefer smaller features to larger more encompassing shapes. Square is “in”, especially if you’re going for a minimalist theme. Speaking of minimalism:


  1. Minimalist wooden doors

You could embrace the spirit of modern simplicity completely by installing doors that fit into your space seamlessly. Make them the sliding variety and you won't have to worry about placing them right in front of other objects, as long as you have ample space either side of the doors of course. Have them made the same colour as the surrounding walls to create an elegant feel of openness within your space.

Those are our five! We hope this quick list of modern wardrobe ideas has helped. The best way to decide on a style that ticks all your boxes is often just about seeing what’s out there. At Gold Coast, we understand just how important it is for every little detail to be spot on!

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