5 Reasons To Invest In Glass Splashbacks For Your Home

A glass splashback is a type of glass panel that’s usually used in areas exposed to moisture. Tiles and waterproof paints have been the conventional choice for such surfaces in the past, but there are a wealth of fundamental traits that make splashbacks such a popular alternative. In this post, we’re going over 5 top reasons to install splashbacks around the house.

We’ll start with:


  1. Great lighting

Light reflects off glass surfaces with spectacular results. If you want to bring a little extra sparkle and presence to your rooms, placing a glass splashback alongside a window or around strong lighting will transform the spread of the light throughout the space.


You can even place lighting directly over the splashback like the example above to give the surface a vibrant illuminated look.


  1. Long lasting sustainability

Glass splashbacks are made to be incredibly strong and durable. This makes them ideal for a variety of rooms around the house where knocks and contact is common. A lot of people might worry about the glass being too fragile and dangerous when smashed. The truth is, the strength of the glass really comes down to the thickness and whether or not it’s been toughened by a specialised heat-treatment process.

A lot of modern buildings are increasingly made using huge volumes of glass because of the materials inherent longevity. Not only is it transparent which is great for lighting as we’ve mentioned, but glass will also stand the test of time with nothing more than a simple wipe down on occasion.


  1. Seamless surfaces

If you’re going for a tidy modern look, you can't beat glass for it’s smooth and undisturbed surface. Tiles come in set sizes and paint will develop cracks over time, but glass can be produced in panels that fit the exact dimensions you need perfectly.


  1. Versatility

Splashback surfaces are tremendous for the bathroom and kitchen, but there are other ways a pristine glass surface can come in handy. Check out this business sign:

It’s beautiful, modern looking, very easy to clean, and won’t decay over time like wood or canvas. The glass can be coloured or left transparent to let the surface behind show through. A business sign is just one example. The same idea could easily be used to create a decorative home door number or property name. If you have a custom design in mind, there’s definitely a way to set it into a glass panel.


  1. Cost-effective

It's easy to focus purely on the upfront costs of any home improvement when weighing up options, but long-term costs deserve some thought too. Once a glass surface is installed, it’s set to last for years into the future without any need for maintenance. If you factor in the costs over the coming decade, splashbacks become an incredibly good value for money, while much faster-decaying surfaces like paint, wood or tiles will require maintenance and replacement much sooner.


You need to ask yourself what you think is more important, spending less right now, or spending less money, time, and energy over the years that a surface is in constant use. Want it done and dusted without having to worry about it the near future? Then glass is one of the best options out there.

Those are our 5! We hope this quick list of reasons to invest in glass splashbacks for your home has helped. Think we’ve missed anything? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.



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