5 Modern Bathroom Cupboard Features That Will Change Your Life

Doing up the bathroom and feel like achieving something a little special? In this article, we’re listing 5 modern bathroom cupboard ideas that are sure to blow the minds of those who bear witness to them. If you’re gonna use it pretty much everyday, surely it’s worth having something that drastically improves your day to day life! Have a look through and see if any of these clever ideas jump out at you. We’ll start with:   


  1. A sliding mirror cabinet

Throw it above the toilet to save a good chunk of space! It looks amazing, fits in with the most minimalist modern themes and there’s no threat of bashing any kind of door that’s left sticking out at any time. It’s usually always best to place mirrors next to windows for great lighting and opposite to the shower screen. At Gold coast, we know that the first thing everyone tends to head for when they exit the shower is the mirror! Keep that in mind when you decide the direction the mirror should face.

  1. Hamper & linen closet in one!

This simple but genius idea helps to split the bathroom into neat and tidy compartments. The hamper should always be hidden from view for obvious reasons but keeping your towels stored right above where they’re meant to end up after use is super logical. If you have guests staying with you often, they’ll love the convenience. It’s the perfect solution if you never again want to hear quests utter the words “where do want the towel when I’m done?”

  1. Silent draws and doors

This is ideal for those that hate noise. We all know exactly what it’s like to have a draw or cabinet in the bathroom that always sends shivers down your spine whenever it’s slammed. Erase that racket by installing shelves and doors that feature silent shut capability. With these kinds of draws, the runners have a clever cushioned closing design that stops them from slamming no matter how hard they’ve been pushed in. You’ll find this concept can be applied to the toilet seat, windows, doors and even shower screen enclosures!     

You’ll find these designs anywhere they sell bathroom fittings and furniture. This handy touch is always a brilliant idea if you're preparing your home for a baby or the elderly. Some people are cetaily more sensitive to loud bangs than others, but new born infants are natoriously unforgiving.  

  1. Aluminum units

Tired of wood? Bring a new level of edge to the bathroom with aluminum units. It’s easy to clean and promises to last for long into the future without the need for a new layer of paint or varnish every few years. Aluminum combines perfectly with modern metallic looks. Maybe you have metal window frames or a shower screen that’s lined with aluminum or stainless steel features. Metal reflects more light than wood and will pair well with metallic ornaments like the example in the photo above.

  1. Hanging baskets

Ditch cabinets or conventional shelves altogether with rustic looking baskets hung from simple wall hooks. Not only do they look incredible, but this storage concept is completely flexible. Fancy moving things around a bit? No problem! The baskets can be quickly relocated without you having to dismantle huge piece of shelving or cabinets, only to have to reconstruct them a couple of feet away!

When they get older and worn, you can just replace them for new ones without busting the bank. You could even swing for a different variety to give your bathroom a bit of a makeover! If you reach a point where you no longer need them in future, you can always take them down and then use the hooks for hanging robes like a normal bathroom. This simple little concept is charming as well as hugely practical.  



Those are our 5 top picks right now! We hope this quick list of clever bathroom storage ideas has helped! Remember, doing up the bathroom doesn't have to be about just replacing what’s down and out, it’s an exciting chance to rejuvenate one of the most used rooms in the house. The hardest part is considering what’s out there and figuring out what you want most. We hope this list has showed you something that’s right up your street!  

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