5 Design Ideas That Are Perfect For Small Bathrooms

It’s common for the smallest room in most homes to be the bathroom. Having limited room to work with can be a challenge, but there’s a wealth of little ways you can make the best of the space that you do have. In this post, we’re going over 5 handy design ideas that are great for styling as well as practicality in a small bathroom. Check these out and see if any would be ideal for your revamp. Here we go:



  1. A minimalist corner sink

 Place the sink in the corner of the room to save as much room as possible. You get extra points for installing a very simplistic sink like the one shown above. Not only will it ensure you have as much space left to play with as possible, it also looks far more dainty and elegant than a cumbersome contained sink. It's easy to assume that people always need loads of open space to wash comfortably at a basin, but the truth is, your arms are mainly in front of you the whole time, so limited room to move is not really an issue.

 Use both sides of the walls to your advantage by drilling in your towel racks and shelves at perfect hand height.



  1. Lose the bath, have a shower cubicle

 Face the numbers, if you live a busy lifestyle, you’re more than likely going to be using the shower way more than you use the bath. The tub is almost always the largest thing in the bathroom and the least used. It’s the least practical item in the room so you shouldn't feel bad about cutting it. 

 Compact doesn't have to mean zero luxury. At Gold Coast, we’ve designed a range of shower screens that cover all bathroom sizes. Ditch the tub and you can install a luxury cubicle that provides all the space you need in a far more practical solution. You’ll enjoy a bucket load more floor space as a result while maintaining a high degree of opulence.


  1. Round all edges

 This one's bound to strike a cord with anyone that’s rammed a shin or hip into a right-angled edge before. The tighter the space, the more often you and your guests will be coming into contact with the edges in the room. The last thing you want is a cosy bathroom filled with corners and pointy edges that threaten to destroy elbows, knees, hips and any other body part that faces the most common collision points in the room. A rounded edge promises to be far less troublesome. The most important areas to think about include, the edges of the toilet seat, sink, shelves, and storage fixtures.



  1. Place shelves or a counter over the toilet

 One of the areas that is most commonly under-utilised in the bathroom is the space above the toilet. Throw up some shelves or extend the counter from the sink all the way over the toilet to maximise the storage space in the room.


  1. Use a shower screen instead of a door

 If your heart is set on having a tub, but your room is just a few feet wide, avoid a shower door at all costs! Shower screens do the same job but they take up significantly less room. Instead of having to swing all the way open like a door, the screen covers the front half of the bath and sits on a swivel so that it can move as needed. A contained cubicle with a door will keep in more moisture, but what’s more important to you, day-to-day ease of use or keeping the floor as moisture free as possible? If daily practicality is priority number one, then you’ve got to have a shower screen.  



There’s our 5! These are some of our favourite design ideas for small bathrooms. Pair at least two or three of these ideas together to create a neat little bathroom that looks fantastic and functions beautifully!


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