5 Common Mistakes That People Make When They Renovate The Bedroom

Just about to get things sorted in the bedroom? There’s a wealth of errors that people tend to make when they’re re-planning where the magic happens. Bedrooms are sacred for two very important reasons. Firstly, they’re where you start and finish every single day. Secondly, it’s where most people go when they need the complete comfort and privacy that comes from the most personal room in the house. Here, we aim to help by pointing out 5 common mistakes people tend to make when they’re re-doing the bedroom. Have a read through and make sure you don't make the same blunders.

Here we go! 


  1. Not putting up any art

Bedrooms look dead without decor. It’s much the same in most sanctuary rooms. The lounge needs ornaments, the bathroom needs mirrors, and your bedroom definitely needs a dose of art. These walls are the perfect place to express your most personal preferences. It’s the one room in your home that is reserved for your eyes only or those of people closest to you.

This is where you should be throwing up things that push the boundaries, remind you of your favourite things, or lift you with bursts of motivation. Ignore throwing art on the walls and you’re missing out on the chance to give yourself an extra boost each and every day.


  1. Not having a headboard on the bed

For some people, headboards are a waste of space, but for many more of us, they play a huge role in ensuring the room functions exactly how we want it to. When you have no headboard, every bit of sitting up or head leaning you enjoy at the head of the bed is directly applied to the wall. Most peoples walls will feature paint or wallpaper, the kind of surfaces that will crumble under wear and tear much faster than a headboard designed to withstand this kind of treatment. Ever looked at a bedroom wall by the head of a bed and noticed a large round mark that looked like oil or rubbing? Odds are it has been stained by the head or back.   


  1. Not factoring in wardrobe space

At Gold Coast, we design a range of modern wardrobes that maximise space efficiency as well as fit in perfectly with almost any style of interior design. We understand just how essential it is for your wardrobe to soak up as much of your stuff as possible while looking absolutely darling with the rest of your theme.

A lot of people jump straight to planning the more exciting parts of the room and leave the wardrobe to last. Big mistake! Your wardrobe is your means to keep the rest of the room as minimalist and clear from clutter as possible. For us, it’s the perfect place to start your plans. Have a wardrobe design that makes good use of the most awkward spaces in the room and you’ll leave yourselff the best parts of the space to play with.  


  1. Not Having a mood lighting option

You don't have to have an elaborate romantic life to enjoy a bit of mood lighting. After a hard day, or during a long night in, you’ll want to give your eyes a rest from glaring light. Take your relaxation time up a gear by installing lamps, ceiling lights or other lighting fixtures that’ll grant you a setting in between too strong and completely off. Speaking of being easy on the eyes:


  1. Using too many bright colours

It can be tempting to flood your bedroom with all your favourite splashes of vibrant shades, but you’ll regret it. Too much colour is a sure way to make yourself sick of your room within days of doing it up. Play it safe by having the largest surfaces of your bedroom covered in neutral refreshing shades that won’t blind you over the coming months or years. Whites, soft blues, greys and very light shades of yellow or cream will all stay great looking for long into the future. Go with colours that are too strong or “in your face” and you’ll more than likely find youself repainting before the paints had time to dry. 

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