5 Bathroom Colour Schemes That Won't Get Old Anytime Soon

For many of us, the hardest part of painting and decorating any room is picking colours that we think we can live with long into the future. You’ve got to take into consideration the colours in your other rooms, current trends, but most importantly, you’ve got to decide on shades and combinations that you’ll be happy with for years to come. In this post, we want to help by introducing 5 bathroom colour scheme ideas that are easy to love and hard to get tired of.

Let’s get going!    

  1. Grey and nude

Grey is the colour of the decade at the moment when it comes to interior design, so be warned, it makes more than its fair share of appearances on this list. If you like things somber and soothing, grey and nude shades of off-white combine perfectly to create a calming and easy-on-the eyes feel to any space.

Nude colours tend to soak up light instead of reflecting them harshly meaning a less shiny or glossy look. Some might see it as dull, but most will enjoy the relaxed aesthetic that comes from pairing two restrained and neutral colours.  



  1. Dark and light browns

Like things looking a bit more rustic and old-fashioned? Go for dark brown fixtures with light brown or ivory backgrounds. The richness of the darker woods is brought to life by the contrast with the lighter and any solid blacks or whites you dot around the room will add a splash of freshness. This will combine perfectly with the warm orange glow of amber lighting or the natural flames from candlelight.    

  1.  Grey and steel

Grey and steel is a more neutral and modern version of black and steel. Where black and steel is far more biased toward masculine themes, grey represents more of a balance. This scheme will suit users with a persuasion for hard and ultra-modern aesthetics. It oozes notions of power, confidence, and victory. If these sentiments all sound like your cup of tea, you’ll be right at home here.

  1. White, black and grey

Refreshing, modernistic and highly versatile, this combination will last through the ages and pair perfectly with pretty much any shade of colour you decide to throw into the mix. Keep the black sections reigned back to give the room a cleaner overall feel. Match the bathtub with the sink to give the space a sense of order and surround white objects with grey backgrounds to avoid contrasts that are too harsh.  

At Gold Coast, we’ve designed vinyl doors that can be coloured to blend in perfectly with almost any neutral space. If you want to keep your bathroom as minimalistic as possible, vinyl doors can be fitted to hide away all jagged essentials helping you maintain a sleek look throughout your room.      

  1. Black, white and gold

This is more for anyone wanting to ditch calm and go for maximum punch. If you want to be wowed every time you head to the bathroom, this is one of the best ways to achieve it. Strong warm lighting, reflective shiny surfaces and golden trimmings all combine to pump out far more glitz than the faint of heart can handle. Any water fixture should remain white for freshness and the level of gold needs to be strictly controlled or you’ll go from glamorous to tacky in less than a heartbeat.  



That’s our 5! We hope you’ve found this quick list of inspiration helpful! Have some ideas of your own? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. We’re always keen to discuss styles and ideas with decorators of all levels. Let us know if you think we’ve out on anything awesome!

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