4 Vital Places To Have Mirrors In Your Home

Having a revamp? Mirrors play a huge role in modern daily living, so when you’re moving things around to freshen everything up, exploring with mirror placement can be a blast as well as a headache! In this quick guide, Gold Coast are highlighting 4 of the best places around the house to have a mirror. Stick to these golden areas to make sure your reflection always finds you where you need it most! Here we go:



By the front door

At Gold Coast, we install mirrors and glass surfaces for a wide variety of projects. We know from experience that one of the very best places to have a large mirror is by the front door. This the spot you’ll want to check yourself out every time you leave the house. It’s also where you as well as all your guests will want a quick self-assessment when you first come through the front door. The top half of your body is key, but generally speaking, the larger the mirror the better!



The bathroom

This should be one of the largest mirrors in your home. The bathroom is where you’ll spend the most time paying yourself some much-needed attention. Whether it’s to apply or remove makeup, wash up, or get down to some good TLC, the bathroom is where you need to see yourself as clear as crystal every day. A huge open mirror is best to reflect as much light as possible. 



Facing ground level

This one’s very interesting but just as handy. A ground level mirror provides a wide variety of great benefits. The first is that it’s very edgy. People don't expect a mirror that shows this unique angle so it becomes a clever part of the room that adds character. Just as importantly, it’s a great way to check out parts of your lower legs and shoes from the perspectives of others. This is an angle a lot of people miss out on. It gives you a different perspective on objects that you would’ve never seen in the same way unless, of course, you’re used to placing your face on the ground and looking up at things.



Facing the gym or garden

Have a home gym? Then huge full-body mirrors are a must! Don't have that kind of space? The garden can be just as helpful. While you’re working off the pounds, nothing is more motivating than your reflection. It also helps with tracking your form through different moves and ensuring you’re doing everything as safely as possible.


In the garden

Garden mirrors are rarer because people tend to have an issue with fragile surfaces in an outdoor space. The thing is, the garden is one of the places in your home where your reflection would prove really handy. Like working in the dirt? A mirror will let you know where the mess is if you have any on your face or back. Have pets? You’ll love the amazement they have with their reflections as they play in open outdoor space.


Those are our favourite places to keep mirrors in the house! We hope these quick, essential ideas have helped! Think we’ve missed anything? Feel free to get in touch or leave us a comment below!

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