4 Refreshing Bedroom Ideas That Are Perfect For Winter

Fancy making a few changes around the bedroom to get things ready for winter. Maybe you’re in the mood to brighten things up or actually want to make some changes that are more long-term. In this post, we’re throwing you 4 bedroom ideas that’ll get your pad looking cool, calm and collected for the coming season. Have a look through and see if any sound too good to miss out on. Let’s start with:


  1. Warm coloured linen

As soon as you drench the focal point of the room in a rich, warm colour, the complexion of the room becomes warmer and more inviting. With the odd rains come more time in the sack taking midday naps, so around the bed is where you’ll appreciate the changes most. It’s a very easy switch to make with major impact.

  1. A mood lighting switch

These switches allow you to dampen the main lights in the room, giving you control over how much light you take in depending on your mood. Getting ready for a bash? Then you'll want it on full blast, Relaxing in bed and just want enough light to see a couple of feet in front of you, then you'll need the setting turned down to your preference.

At Gold Coast, we work on a lot of bedroom projects and adjustable mood lighting definitely makes a huge impact on bedroom comfort. It combines perfectly with one of the bedroom features we tend to help with most:


  1. White glass wardrobe doors

These white glass wardrobe doors shown above are part of our exclusive wardrobe range. As you can see, they deliver a modern and refreshing aesthetics that brightens up your space. Glass stays cool to the touch which is always pleasant throughout the seasons. Glass doesn't rot, it doesn't scratch very easily, and white isn't the only colour you can go for. The larger the wardrobe, the more neutral in colour you're going to want the doors to be.

  1. Go dark with the walls

Painting the walls is something you can do every season to match your mood. It’s relatively easy, cheap, and brings a huge amount of boom for your buck. In the cooler, wetter seasons you’ll want dark warm colours like browns, dark greys, or deep purples. Keep most other surfaces in the room light and you’re deep, brooding walls will have maximum impact.

That’s our list! We hope you’ve found this quick guide helpful. Have any questions about the possibilities with different wardrobe and glass decoration designs? Feel free to get in touch today and we’ll do our best to provide as much information as we can!

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