4 Luxury Bathroom Fittings That Will Bring You Years Of Joy

Get your tool kit out and your roughest jeans on. It’s time to work on the Bathroom. For many of us, the bathroom is our sanctuary. It’s where we recover from the hardest days and get ready for the rest. In this quick post, we’re pointing out 4 supremely luxurious additions you can add to your bathroom to give your every day a decent dollop of loveliness. Want something that’ll give you a major return on your investment? Take a look through these ideas before you dive in:


  1. Towel warmer

If you don't already have one, this is a feature that’ll change your life. No matter what season it is, stepping out of the shower is always going to feel at least a little chilly. There’s nothing better than jumping straight into a warm towel when you are soaked. That’s where these bad boys come in. It’s affordable, doesn't take up too much room, and will give you years of pleasure well into the future.



  1. Art tiles

This won't take too much work and gives your entire room a major lift in colour. There’s a very good reason people don't use canvas art in bathroom decor. It’ll rot and decay like nobody's business with all the moisture that fills the room every day. Tile art on the other hand, just needs a good wipe down now and then to keep it clean.



  1. A larger mirror

No matter what size bathroom you have, a larger mirror is always a great option. You use it every day, so it’s something very easy to appreciate right from the off. The one in the photo above is one of Gold Coasts Semi-Frame Mirrors. It’s neutral to suit any style of decor and has a very slim frame for a modern look.   



  1. Comfortable seating

You might not have enough space to fit a full-on couch like the example above, but the idea still stands. Whether you’re fitting a lazy boy chair or a simple stool, you’re bound to feel the benefits down the line. How often do you and your pals kick it in the bathroom while you’re getting ready for a major night out? How many times have you sat on the floor or WC chatting away with your partner while they take a bath or shower? In these moments, you wish you had a nice seat in bathroom, so do something about it!



That’s our quick list! We hope one of these ideas has caught your eye. Have something else in mind that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below! 

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