4 Best Advantages Of Having A Glass Splashback In Your Bathroom

Glass splashbacks are on the rise for a mix of very good reasons. In this article, we’re looking at some of the best advantages of incorporating these dynamic surfaces in your bathroom. Tired of conventional walls and looking for something different? Take a look through this list to see if splashbacks might be the right way to go.

Let’s get right into it!



  1. Glass Splashbacks are super easy to care for

Painted walls need new coats over time and we all know how difficult it can be to get stubborn dirt and stains out of tile grouting. With a glass splashback like the blue one shown in the bathroom above, you can be sure the entire surface will stay pristine long into the future without the need for waves of troublesome maintenance every year. Glass doesn't harbour bacteria, it doesn't absorb moisture, and it’s perfectly smooth making it supremely easy to keep squeaky clean.


  1. The heat-treated glass that’s durable and safe 

At Gold Coast, our glass splashbacks are toughened with specialist heat-treatment that ensures the glass is as strong and durable as possible. The walls in the bathroom can take a beating, but you have nothing to worry about when it comes to our purpose designed splashbacks. Not only does this mean the glass can withstand a great deal of punishment, but it also ensures that if the surface does crack, the structure won’t smash into a mass of mini shards like normal glass. If there’s ever a disastrous accident, the glass from our splashbacks will break into chunks with blunt edges.


3) A great variety of styling choice

Glass sparkles under lighting and can be custom made to feature a range of vibrant colours or images. Check out this custom printed design:


Fancy filling your bathroom with something far more interesting than just another plain surface? Glass opens up an almost unlimited realm of possibilities. From metallic colours to matt finishes, photos to paintings - whatever image or design you can think of, it’s possible to frame it behind a crystal clear glass splashback.  


4) Hygiene 

This is a big one. As we mentioned before, glass doesn't absorb moisture which means it can’t contain bacteria and doesn't rot. Tiles have to be fixed with grout which attracts dirt and germs. If you’ve ever had to deal with a build-up of mould behind a tile, you’ll appreciate just how hard it can be to remove these infestations for good. A glass splashback is a whole heap easier to keep free from bacteria making it an incredibly hygienic choice for your busiest splash zones.


These are our top 4 advantages of glass splashbacks for the bathroom! Whether you’re working on a downstairs washroom or the master bathroom, splashbacks offer a wide variety of benefits. Beauty, cleanliness, and low maintenance all wrapped up into one - what’s not to like?

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