3 Wardrobe Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid In Your Next Bedroom Makeover

For many people, the wardrobe is one of the most crucial parts of the bedroom. You’ll use it every day, be faced with it for almost all of the time you spend in your bedroom, and want it to work perfectly around your lifestyle. Some people like them huge and filled, others like them compact and super organized. At Gold Coast, we’ve been helping people achieve the wardrobe of their dreams for years, so we’ve seen it all!

However, you plan on setting up your new bedroom layout, keep these 3 common errors in mind to avoid some of the most costly mishaps. Just about to install your dream wardrobe? These are the mistakes you need to dodge:

  1.  Failing to consider the path of other doors when positioning your wardrobe

The most destructive part of any door is often the handle. All it takes is one slightly careless moment for a door to be swung open with too much venom and boom! When thinking about where your wardrobe should be placed in the room, make sure you consider the size of all doors and the path they’ll follow when opened. Working with a cramped space? Then your wardrobe may be positioned within range of other doors like the entrance or other fixtures.

You can imagine the amount of damage a door handle like the one shown in the image above would do to a lovely new wooden surface if the door were allowed to swing open uncontrolled. To prevent these collisions, consider door stops, door braces, or simply rethinking your layout to ensure that all doors have ample space to maneuver free from risk.

  1. Going much bigger than you need or going too open-plan

It’s incredibly tempting when planning a new wardrobe to convince yourself that size matters. Size is impressive, yes, but the main thing you have to remember is that you’ll be using this fixture every day for the coming years in a very physical and practical way. The most important thing about your new wardrobe should be ease of use and accessibility, rather than thinking solely about pure grandeur.  

At Gold Coast, we’ve seen a number of cases over the years of people needing further additions to their new wardrobes because their original ideas were either too sparse with storage space, or took up too much space in the room than was necessary. The best thing to to do is have a good long, hard think about the content you currently have and how you expect that to either grow or reduce over the coming years. Which items do you need to access most every day? Do these items require shelving or do most of them need to be hung up?

When you ask yourself questions like those just mentioned, you begin to look at your project from more of a logical perspective, as opposed to simply focusing on aesthetics.

  1. Thinking cheap is cheerful

Nope. When it comes to fixtures and fittings, the golden rule still tends to apply - you get what you pay for. A lot of stores now are making household furniture more and more affordable. The truth is, the only way to do this is to drop quality for quantity. As we’ve mentioned already, your wardrobe is going to play a crucial role in your life for years to come and if you’re anything like the rest us, you’re going to be putting it through its paces.

As it's such an integral piece of your life, we think it's more than worth investing in designs and expertise that ensure it’ll do the job solidly well into the future. Skimping out now can be a major false economy, especially if you consider yourself a seasoned shopper!

There you have it! These are the bloopers to avoid when planning to fit a new wardrobe. We hope you’ve found this quick list helpful! At Gold Coast, we’re always happy to share our expertise. If you have any other questions about possible designs to suit your needs, feel free to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!  



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