10 Stunning Mirror Designs To Inspire Your Next Renovation

One of the most important mirrors in the house is the one you keep in the bathroom. So when it comes to renovating this essential room, choosing a mirror you can live with becomes one of the larger decisions you’ll have to make. In this article, we’re going to point out 10 great bathroom mirror designs to help inspire your selection. Have a look through and see if any of these clever styles does it for you!

Let’s get going!

  1. Bench to ceiling

The above design is great if you want to reflect as much content as possible. Large mirrors make rooms feel larger and give you a view that spans around the room. At Gold Coast, we know just how important it is for a mirror to be one of the key focus points in the bathroom. With this style, your reflection will be huge, clear and unignorable.  


  1. Round and pivoting

The above mirrors are very practical as their design allows them to move slightly to suit the angle you need at any given time. Theor oval shape gives them a fine rustic look that fits in well with bathrooms that have a lot of wooden surfaces.  

  1. Doubled up mirrors

Place mirrors on both sides of your bathroom and you’ll see a never-ending loop of reflections. Some people will love this for its character and expanding impact on the room. Others will see it as more of a headache. We’re used to fitting shower screens and fixtures that can completely change a room, so we understand how essential it is to only install features you’ll enjoy for years into the future. Remember that this is likely to be the first room you enter every day, so it needs to be a space you’ll love being in!   

  1. Wide with vintage lighting

Wide mirrors serve you well in a larger room. The vintage lighting is feminine, soothing and very elegant. In the design above, the shower screen acts as the boundary, meaning the mirror doesn't reflect you while you’re behind the glass screens. Some people prefer the mirror to be opposite the shower or bath, but in a larger room, you have more choice in terms of layout.


  1. Thin and floor length

Going for a more warm and chic vibe? If your bathroom doesn't have room for a large wall mirror, consider having one that stands with a thin and tall shape. Place it opposite the window for maximum light reflection as seen above.

  1. Curving

Your mirror doesn't have to be flat. If you have a curve to your bathroom, why not have the mirror follow the line of your walls and fit across a corner or curve. You get multiple angles from a single seated position and the light reflection is amplified drastically.

  1. Modern and simplistic

Don't like them large and imposing? A very modern bathroom will suit a simple and smaller mirror perfectly. The most important position is always over the sink, as this is the place everyone tend to check their reflection most. No fuss and a lot less work, but still beautiful.  

  1. Borderless

We make a borderless glass shower screen that would fit such a theme perfectly. If you much prefer a fine edge to a frame, the borderless mirror could match your ultra modern minimalist decor flawlessly.

  1. Vintage frames

Fancy keeping things far more classical? Vintage framed mirrors will bring a delicate touch of history and class to your bathroom. They’ll match wooden surfaces and will give your room a warmer and more homely feel.

  1. Backlight circles


A backlit mirror gives you the hollywood star effect. It’s not the most energy efficient option out there but it certainly is one of the most enchanting.  

That’s our 10! We hope these stunning mirror ideas have helped! We love everything to do with gorgeous bathroom design and we appreciate that finding the perfect design is always about seeing what’s out there!  

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